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The rich undulating texture of this luxurious floor covering designed for high end commercial interiors and hospitality environments is perfectly captured by the name rippleweave².

Rippleweave's rich tactile texture is achieved by incorporating heavyweight four ply Antron Lumena 100% solution dyed polyamide yarns in a complex multi-height loop pile design. The result is a heavy contract carpet tile quite unlike any other, offering a very generous pile weight of 950gsm and long-lasting appearance retention.

To create interest on the floor, Rippleweave² has been designed to be installed in brick, quarter turn or tessellated fashion.

Sustainable carpet tiles

Forbo’s approach to Green Design and sustainability has driven recent investment in our production facilities so all Tessera carpet tiles produced in our plants in Lancashire, now contain over 50% recycled content by weight. This means that Rippleweave² meets the Ska Rating criteria for M12 soft floor coverings, not only in office fit-outs but also in retail sector installations. Rippleweave² is also BREEAM rated.

Further information on the BREEAM ratings and details of the Ska rating scheme can be found 
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