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Flotex Cirrus

Bionic flooring performance combined with colour and flexibility

The term ‘bionic’ refers to features found in nature that are replicated in man-made products and processes. This transfer of technology from living fauna and flora helps to create optimised and highly efficient products. An example of this is the development of water and dirt repellent surfaces inspired by the way the leaves of the lotus flower dispel water.

There are over 70 million fibres per m² in Flotex, which provide a slip resistant surface in both wet and dry conditions similar to the way the feet of a gecko are covered with thousands of tiny hairs that allow them to climb without slipping. They also absorb sound making Flotex a quiet floor.

Flotex fibres are flexible and comfortable under foot and, just like moss and bamboo, their density, design and strength means they return to their original shape. Such strength creates durability and a surface which is exceptionally resistant to wear, especially from the likes of castor chairs.

Bees fly from one flower to the next collecting and releasing pollen when they need to, in the same way that Flotex traps the allergens in the tip of the nylon 6.6 fibres until easily releasing them on vacuuming. These properties mean that Flotex is currently the only textile floor covering to be approved by Allergy UK. As at June 2014

Advanced printing technologies used in the production of Flotex replicate the rich, vibrant and precise colourations found in nature. This means you can evolve our product to create almost limitless design possibilities with digital printing using our Flotex Vision system.

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Flotex Colour

Flotex Colour offers three versatile and fresh designs that make up the collection: Metro, Calgary and Penang. Together they offer a range of 110 unique colourways, all available in sheet and tile and all complemented by 26 Artline borders. Flotex Colour ranges have no pattern repeats due to their Green Design. 

Flotex Linear represents a comprehensive choice of five linear designs in various colourways that complement commercial and educational environments, but also deliver playful effects for leisure, hospitality or retail spaces. 
Flotex Vision

Flotex Vision is an inspiring choice of over 500 digitally printed designs to suit every taste or requirement, right down to a bespoke design option. 

Flotex Naturals is a special range digitally printed Flotex that delivers the appearance and texture of a real wood floor. 

This exclusive design collaboration between Forbo and Sottsass Association was borne out of the desire to work with an innovative flooring technology and its precision HD printing brings to life the avant-guard designs that clearly carry the Sottsass signature. 
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